5-day ladies’ packet

The hotel Sirákov provides also a unique offer of five-day ladies’ stays. Our special programme for ladies is arranged so that they refill their strength and energy for the following days during their stay in our hotel. The ladies’ packet includes an irresistible chance to benefit from the infrared sauna suit and thalassotherapy. Both of them contribute to the improvement of the blood perfusion of the skin of the whole body and face, and improve the effect of metabolism.

The price of the stay includes:

– accommodation in fully-equipped room with en-suite facilities. Our rooms offer pleasant environment, which complements perfectly the relaxation atmosphere introduced during specific medical procedures,
– 4 nights with half-board. Ladies will undoubtedly appreciate far-famed specialities from oyster mushroom and other treats of our wellness stays,
– 3 procedures – INFRARED SAUNA SUIT + THALASSOTHERAPY. The infrared sauna suit helps shape human figure efficiently and promote to lose weight by using infrared rays. Thalassotherapy, which has been known for thousands of years, is a therapeutic method that combines healing power of sea water, plants and mud. It helps carry off waste products from the skin, smooth wrinkles, moderate tiredness; and has more beneficial effects for the organism.