Wi-Fi is available in the whole hotel. In your room you can admire exposed paintings made by the painters of “Walachia opinion”, which are a part of the Independent National Walachia Gallery.

The Hotel Sirákov, situated between the towns of Zlín and Vsetín, offers you these accommodation facilities:

All the rooms for our guests are equipped in a stylish and elegant way to provide pleasant feeling in our Hotel Sirákov. The room furniture is made from massive wood of luxurious look.

Each room has its own en-suite facilities and a satellite TV.

The total capacity of the hotel is 32 places in 11 rooms, each of them with its own en-suite facilities, a TV, Wi-Fi (free of charge) and comfortable beds. The rooms are of different sizes. We offer 3 twin rooms (two separate beds), 2 double-bed rooms, 3 three-bed rooms, 2 four-bed rooms and 1 five-bed room.

Hotel interior and all its common rooms in general – the dining room and corridors – are decorated by topical works made by the painters of “Walachia opinion”, which are a part of the Independent National Walachia Gallery.

The history of the hotel

The roadhouse Sirákov was built in 1967 by the Integrated Farming Cooperative Svornost Liptál. Sirákov was the first roadhouse in the shire at that time. Until 1990, it hosted especially meetings which were mostly organised by the local Cooperative. Between 1990 and 1996, there were many tenants and short-term owners of the roadhouse. The turning point came in October 1996, when the authentic roadhouse was bought by its present owners. They run the business with just small amendments until 2002.

In 2003, a complete reconstruction of the building was implemented and the roadhouse was reshaped into an imposing hotel. In the next year, the regeneration centre was built as an extension of the hotel, which nowadays serves as a wellness for our clients and guests. In 2013, the multifunctional playground was built and the hotel offer of services was extended to provide more comfort and to satisfy guests’ wishes. The owners’ aim is to provide even more services in order to achieve the ultimate guests’ satisfaction.

Hotel interior

Accommodation prices:

Bed Adult 480,-CZK
Children under 12 300,-CZK
Children under 2 Free
Breakfast 100,-CZK
Half-board 200,-CZK
Full-board 300,-CZK
Dog stay charge 100,-CZK/day
VBail for tidiness in the case of having a dog 400,-CZK/day

An advance payment is requested after making a binding reservation of a stay. This payment is counted 50% of the price of the stay and may be sent to the hotel bank account at Komerční banka number: 35-7358250217/0100

variable symbol: the date of stay
constant symbol: 0308
specific symbol: guest’s surname

If your bank does not enable to set these symbols, please write your surname and the date of your stay into the message for the payee.

Breakfast served: Mo – Fr: 7:00 – 10:00 a.m., Sa – Su: 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

We ask our guests to leave the rooms before 10 a.m. on the day of check-out.