The Hotel Sirákov offers its clients a range of benefits including the unique possibility to relax in our pleasant and luxurious wellness centre. It is the place where you gain your strength for trips, treks, skiing or cross-country skiing; or where you refill your strength and enjoy private relaxation after exercise and sport.


The wellness centre of the hotel Sirákov is a private room equipped by a modern whirlpool with hydro-massage. Another possibility is to spend your time in our Finnish sauna. For our clients we have built a regular sauna in Finnish style in the premises of our wellness centre.


This type of sauna dominates above others due to its ability to clear your body of different undesirable waste products; it also helps unblock one’s air passages and relieves the pain of joins. The visitors of the Finnish sauna can become hardened at the same time – the extreme heat, which the sauna provides, and increased sweating request following cooling down which is why the sauna process has the requested health effect.


Another reason why you should afford a stay in our hotel sauna is that it improves one’s stamina greatly. The sauna and other services are available at any time after agreement with our personnel. Ladies – and not only them – will appreciate definitely that the Finnish sauna can beautify one’s skin because proper sauna procedures help blood-perfusion and hydration of one’s skin and at the same time clear a lot of toxic waste which would burden one’s body if left alone.


Finally, a Finnish sauna helps fight depressions, because it improves one’s mental condition and increases one’s peace of mind – it decreases tiredness and literally melts every-day accumulated stress which many of us fight. All these advantages are the reason why we suggest our guests spending some time in our Finish sauna.


The wellness centre of the Hotel Sirákov is not intended for the hotel guests only; it can be booked by other visitors, too. Nevertheless, one of the greatest advantages of the wellness centre is its privacy. We focus on all our clients’ satisfaction, comfort and privacy. Therefore, our wellness centre is not an open space, but a private establishment, and every stay there has to be reserved in advance.  We will prepare whatever our clients require for the arranged time and we are confident our guests will be most satisfied and they will not hesitate to visit us again.

Trips and sport

The Hotel Sirákov is situated in a beautiful countryside between the towns of Vsetín and Zlín. Visitors will find many unique views, lovely secluded places and unrepeatable impressive sceneries; and all of these can be admired at any season of the year.

The receptionists of the Hotel Sirákov will be glad to recommend our clients trails for hiking, eventually will borrow the maps of surroundings, and answer all the questions concerning the possibilities of trips in the surroundings.

The clients of the hotel Sirákov may also borrow Nordic walking poles. This way of walking is an ideal possibility to combine hiking across the country and exercising your whole body. Not only will you enjoy the trips in the beautiful Walachia countryside, but your body will benefit, too. Not all poles are suitable for Nordic walking. The proper poles have a patented system of grip that enables the most natural movement and active hands bounce at the same time.

It is just these high-quality poles that are a part of our hotel equipment and that we will lend our clients whenever they wish to wander around. Our personnel may help you if you need assistance with the basic setting of the poles.

More possibilities of sport are offered directly at our hotel. Our clients may use the multifunctional court with functional weather-resistant surface – artificial grass. Our active guests can play tennis, volleyball, legball, and also football or badminton. We are able to lend our guests basic equipment for all these sports. We dispose with nets, balls, and tennis and badminton rockets.

Ceník služeb

Name Price CZK Name Price CZK
Wellness 300.-/60min Thalassotherapy 800,-/45 min
Infrared suit 660,-/45 min Massage bed 160,-/30 min
Standard massage 30 350,-/30 min Standard massage 60 550,-/60 min
Honey massage 380,-/30 min Bulb massage 350,-/30 min
Lava stones 30 380,-/30 min Lava stones 60 450,-/60 min
Reflex-feet 300,-/20 min Paraffin wrap 250,-/30 min
Face massage 300,-/30 min



As we are convinced that you will get pretty hungry while hiking, we recommend you to visit our hotel restaurant. Just when you have finished sport, it will be the best time to taste some of our far-famed specialities from oyster mushroom.


This mushroom is quite literally a potion of health, and our cooks’ skills when processing it are famous. That is why you just can not miss this chance. Come to our hotel to enjoy this unique mushroom. The consumption of oyster mushroom and meals containing it has a beneficial influence on the cholesterol level in the blood and it increases natural human immunity. It helps fight inflammatory illnesses and many other diseases.


Our kitchen has been supplied by a trusty and reliable planter for a long time. So, if you decide to eat our oyster mushroom in the Hotel Sirákov, you will definitely not make a mistake.