Wedding planning


We provide a complete wedding board. We are open to the organizer’s suggestions and proposals – no matter if the wedding is planned by the couple or wedding planners – and we shall provide the clothing of the festive board in different colours and with variable decorations to meet request and settings of the whole wedding.


We will suit the wedding menu to the newly married couple’s requests. We are able to give advice concerning the choice of the menu and other refreshment for this festive occasion. However, we are able to prepare everything exactly according to your itinerary, too. Our cooks prepare a lot of local specialities and far-famed meals and drinks.

Programme and accommodation

We suggest making an advance deal that will allow the wedding guests to enjoy some of the services provided by the Hotel Sirákov. These include a high-quality choice of massages, body wraps, relaxation therapy and others. After the wedding feast, the guests may be accommodated in our rooms.